Why you should bring your teenage daughter to the gynecologist (even if she is not sexually active)?

As your daughter develops physically and emotionally into a young woman, she will also be developing a sense of privacy about her own life.  That is why you will want your daughter to have a consultation with a gynecologist before she has her first boyfriend, goes off to college, or before she is faced with a gynecological problem or concern that requires immediate attention. 

You will want to make sure that her first trip to the gynecologist is as pleasant and as free from anxiety as possible.  The initial visit to the gynecologist often does not involve a physical examination.  Typically the first visit requires only verbal interaction to discuss topics such as menstruation, sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s), sexual behavior, and contraception.  Other discussions include the subject of the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination and its role in preventing warts, cervical disease and cancer. 

Regardless of what topics are discussed the goal is to make sure your daughter knows she has a professional friend she can feel comfortable talking to and will return to and seek follow-up with if a concern arises.

Dr. Bernick has a reputation with adolescents of expressing an extra special sensitivity necessary to earn your daughter’s trust and respect while making the experience as free from anxiety as possible.

Consider making your daughter a consultation.

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