Pregnancy – When to Call

The first thing to remember is there is no dumb question and if you are concerned about something regarding the health and safety of yourself or your baby you should call immediately. It certain situations time is of the essence and you should not wait for a more convenient time. Please call the office (561) 392 – 7704 whether during or after office hours and one of our physicians should promptly call you back. If you have not heard back within 20 minutes, please call again and if unsure of your situation, promptly present to Boca Raton Regional Hospital’s Labor and Delivery.

Please call for any of the following: * If you break your bag of water * Persistent contractions occurring every 5 minutes or less over 1-2 hours (if greater than 37 weeks) * More than 4 contractions in an hour if less than 37 weeks * Vaginal Bleeding * Decreased or absent fetal movement * Uncertain abdominal pain. * Fevers * Headaches, visual disturbances, right-upper quadrant pain, or swelling of hands/face. * Persistent nausea and vomiting or diarrhea. * Acute shortness of breath or chest pain. * Following abdominal trauma/accident. * Any other concerns.

Directions to Boca Raton Regional Hospital: Boca Raton Regional Hospital 800 Meadows Road Boca Raton, FL 33486 (561) 955 – 7100

From I-95, Exit 45 for Glades Road East on Glades Road 1.2 miles Right at NW 7th Avenue 0.3 miles Continue on Meadows Road 0.1 miles to the Maternity/Labor and Delivery (1st left after the ER)

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